Mixing Prints in Decorating Your Homes

Keeping your homes looking interesting every now and then can sometimes be costly. However, you can still update the look of your homes constantly or even according to the trend without having to hurt your budget by mixing prints and colors for the accessories and décor that you have at home.

Place crazy and fun prints to your home without making them look less sophisticated and sleek with these simple tips.

Hold it together

You should always have a unifying element when it comes to the choices of color and print for your home. This can be a color, shape of theme. Polka dots work well with rose-printed fabric because the dots can pick up the shape of the roses. Meanwhile checkered design and leopard print rarely compliments each other as they are too different from each other. Even while playing with prints, it is still important to find even a single similarity among the combinations that you intend to use for your décor at home.

Have a “solid” steady support

It is still important to have solid hues that go in harmony with the rest of the colors and prints that you have at home. If you are going to have big patterned pillows, your background should be a plain sofa and vice versa. Always have a solid color as the contrast that you will use to make your printed design stand out.

Contrast and complement

Identify which colors go well together. The color wheel chart is a very effective tool you can use to achieve such. You can also play with the size of the prints and patterns to create contrast. You can have Chevron stripes work together with small dots as an example. Try to veer away from mixing overly graphic and big prints.

Tell a story

Working with patterns is like telling a story in different layers. Start with one pattern and build it up with more patters as you go along with your design. This will make more perfect sense once you’re done.

Always have a focal point

Use a mix of patterns in one area but always have one item that pops against the rest of the items in the area. This is your focal point. A perfect example would be a kidney pillow over a coordinated bed linen or an abstract painting hanged on a big white wall.

The way you decorate your home is an adventure and a challenge that is worthy of your time and effort to explore. As you discover new themes and designing techniques for your home, your taste when it comes to home design and furnishing also improves.